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— Loan Cards. Yes, the loan cards are worth big negative points, but remember that they are great for using as discards. Especially at the begining of a round (deal).

— Second Hand. Don't forget about your second hand. It's good to "get into" your second hand as soon as possible. Sometimes it doesn't happen very quickly, but always be looking for a way to do this, even when you are buying a lot.

— Greedy Cards. Don't be too stingy with your Greedy Card(s). If you need to use it, then use it — that's what it's there for. But at the same time, make good use of it, you don't want to just use it willy nilly.

— Remember the Round Number. Don't forget which round you are playing. There is a big difference in strategy between round 1 and round 3. Hint: round 1 can be very short, while round 3 tends to take longer and allow for players to collect more assets.
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