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About Greedy Hands

Greedy Hands is an energetic rummy-type card game. It's all about trying to collect more assets and points than the other players, but at the same time, trying not to be too Greedy!

Greedy Hands is a great game to play with family and friends. Games can last anywhere from 30 min. to
2 hrs. depending on how many rounds you play.
Each box of Greedy Hands contains 4 packs of 56 cards for a total of 224 cards in a standard deck.

Greedy Hands is a
2-4 player game, but it is possible to play with more people by buying a second box of Greedy Hands and adding 1 pack of 56 cards for each additional player.
There are 14 types of cards in each box of Greedy Hands. The card types and count are as follows:
Type Count
Motorcycle 24
Snowmobile 24
Sports Car 20
Speed Boat 20
Yacht 16
Helicopter 16
Private Jet 16
Cruise Ship 16
Island 12
$25,000 Cash 20
$50,000 Cash 12
$300,000 Loan 12
$600,000 Loan 4
Greedy 12
Total 224

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