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Greedy Talk - 10,000 Point Club
(4 Player Game)
Official Members:
Jillian Dahl - Febraury 2008
10,495 points against Cynthia, Regan, & Venus
Click on image to the right to see larger version of the scorecard.

How do you become an official member of the Greedy Hands 10,000 point club?
Easy. First, score 10,000 points or more when playing Greedy Hands with 3 or more people. Second, have everyone that played sign or initial the scorecard. Third, email me a scan of the scorecard. (email to: sales AT greedyhands DOT com).
(I plan on making this process so people can post their own scorecards and lay claim to fame!)

Unofficial Members:
Wade Edwards - April 2008
12,380 points

How do you become an unofficial member of the Greedy Hands 10,000 point club?
Easier. Just sign the guestbook telling me how many people you played and what your score was... and how much fun you had beating everyone!
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