December 2006
North American Greedy Hands
Invitational Championship Tournament

The Tournament Begins!

Mary Kay vs. Chris and Andy vs. Allison

Mary Kay vs. Chris Allison  keeps her cards close! Over-the-sholder shot of Andy's cards Looks like hope is gone for Allison

Katie vs. Mark

It's all good No worries Andy ponders the deeper meaning of Greedy Hands
I usually play better than this! On to the next match!

Mary Kay vs. Jon and Heather vs. Andy

Jon vs. Mary Kay Jon about to go down! It's all mine Chris takes a break

Two Previous Champions Face-off!

David Morgan vs. Cynthia Dahl

This is gonna be a cinch

The Semi-Finals:

Mary Kay vs. David and Mark vs. Andy

The Final Game:

Mary Kay Lee vs. Andy Kennedy

Jon deals out the first round of the final game in the tournament. Katie congratulates Andy